Cub Indoor Games

9th February 2014

Cub Indoor Games

Eyes across the globe may have been on the Winter Olympics at Sochi but the Cubs of Faversham were competing against each other for the coveted Snowball Trophy!

This annual competition sees teams of cubs test their skills at Dominoes, Draughts, Connect 4, Ludo, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, and the Round Robin which was this year: Who could score the most Basketball goals?

Like curling, winning the Snowball Trophy is a team game and hosts, the 7th Faversham, brought 2 teams of 4 to compete. The 6th/13th Faversham and 8th Faversham fielded 1 team each with a joint team made up of 8th Faversham and 1st Faversham Cubs providing the last team.

After three hours of competition the final results were announced:

Bronze went to the joint 1st and 8th Faversham team.

Silver was awarded to the 7th Faversham.

Gold, and the Snowball Trophy, went to the 8th Faversham!

Congratulations to them, though it should be remembered that this is not the end of the Snowball Trophy Competition as the winning pack may now be challenged to any activity of another pack's choosing throughout the rest of the year.

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