LoTOR 2011

20th November 2011

LoTOR 2011


19th and 20th November 2011


 As the Olympics draw closer, one evil sportsman plans to enhance his athletic power through the mastery of the 5 Olympic Rings. Should he succeed, he will gain unimaginable sporting prowess and be undefeatable in all sporting events...forever.

For the future of sports and the honour of their land, we ask teams of 4 brave young people to find and destroy these 5 evil Rings of Power; in order to, once and for all, defeat Usain Baggins, Lord of the Olympic Rings... 


8th Faversham Sea Scout Troop 'Chinese Taipai'

8th Faversham Sea Explorer Unit 'Panama'

Faversham Guides/Rangers 'Nauru'

This year we invited the Faversham Guides and Rangers to take part and 2 of their teams competed with 9 Scout and Explorer teams. This event was a hike and unlike the first year, in part due to better weather, all the teams completed the route. Teams were tasked with stretchering a wounded dwarf to safety, figuring out devious elfish tricks, navigating the spider's web, competing with a great athlete and crossing the river. Each team represented an Olympic Country and on the Sunday Morning were quizzed on those countries and their Olympic achievements.

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