Trustee Board Administrator AND/OR Activity Centre Bookings Secretary

These roles could be filled either by a single individual or two separate volunteers.

Trustee Board Administrator:

The Trustee Board Administrator will be responsible for assisting the Chair and other Trustees in organising board meetings, recording their decisions, and ensuring the free flow of information to and from the Trustees.
(In the past, we would have called this volunteer the District Secretary, but recent changes in how The Scout Association is structured have changed certain details of the role.)

Activity Centre Bookings Secretary:

Shepherd Park is an active Scout Campsite and we receive many enquiries from other scout groups wanting to make use of the site. The Bookings secretary will own the site’s calendar and assist enquirers in making bookings in an efficient manner.

For more information or if you'd like to apply for either/both of these roles, contact Simon.

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