Outbreak 2016

20th November 2016

Outbreak 2016

Its 1966, Germany, a virus has been released in a laboratory accident. Teams received a coded message from a scientist to help him contain his chemical spill and they set off to work out how to stop the spread. They can only stay outside for a short period of time and attempting to solve puzzles, reconstruct chemicals, cave rescues, targeted virus removal and circuit breaking before requiring decontamination is a real challenge. Once the spread of the virus is contained, teams must follow a trail to find the haz-mat suit that is strong enough to protect them from the initial spill and when a team member is fully protected (blindfold and gloves), they must enter the laboratory and place the broken tubes into a container to stop the virus from spreading. In the morning teams are taken to drop sites and must return to the laboratory, to check that the virus has been stopped.

Winners 8th Faversham Sea Scouts, Faversham Explorers Team 11

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