Dark Winter 2012

18th November 2012

Dark Winter 2012


17th and 18th November 2012


Times are changing. History is being rewritten. A shadow is falling over the world. Mysterious forms have been released upon us and are causing the destruction of the Earth.

We need teams of brave young people to join in the struggles across time and find the way to cease the spread of ... Dark Winter.


1st Faversham Scout Troop

'G' Unit and 8th Faversham Sea Explorer Units

Faversham Guides

8 teams competed this year in a wide game held at the 8th Faversham's Scout Hall with a hike in the morning to Teynham, the first time the event was held away from Shepherd Park. Participants enjoyed a Hog Roast before being briefed on the destruction of human history caused by the power of Dark Winter.

View our briefing on YouTube. 

Teams traded glowsticks, solved riddles, demonstrated 1st Aid and knotting skills, and outwitted the mischievous mastermind in order to collect tokens to travel through the time machine and fix the timeline. There they had to rebuild Stonehenge without disturbing the caveman, move the Pyramid of Giza, supply Rome with water, defeat the 'Time Knights', relight the fires of Victorian England and rewire the A.I. of a defence system in 3049.

In the morning with time correcting itself, the teams were awoken by cavemen after being flung back in time. To escape they had to travel back to the modern age. On the way they read jokes written by the great Egyptian comedians (after decoding the hieroglyphics of course), enjoyed a Roman feast and helped a cowboy release his horse.

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