Decades 2018

18th November 2018

Decades 2018

A huge milestone in reaching our tenth District Challenge. As this is a special year we introduced more guest teams, with the 1st Portsmouth Sea Scouts and Explorers, joining Littlebourne Scouts, Faversham Guides and of course Faversham Scouts and Explorers for a full day hike and night wide game, encompassing most of the District.

Teams were tasked with travelling through time and space to find out what sinister forces were behind the events of the previous 4 years. Our special agents started off with a briefing from the Mad Scientists before being sent off to walk the time streams and complete challenges including a laser maze, logic puzzles, emergency shelter building and picture mapping. Once all the agents were found (time streams can be very confusing) and fed, the briefing for the next stage of the adventure was taking place when alarms were raised as the Time Vortex was in danger of collapsing. The teams had to find a Time Pass, allowing them to travel back to some of the previous Time Zones and complete challenges to locate the Sinister Figure and defeat him to restore the Time Vortex. Teams had to save a duck from the lava, take part in a potato and spoon race, cross a minefield, reveal an invisible ink message and many other challenges.

Winners 1st Faversham Scouts, Faversham Explorers Delta 1

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