Red November 2015

14th November 2015

Red November 2015

On the evening of the 14th November nine teams of Scouts, Explorers and Guides from Faversham District and two teams from Ash Scouts waited for a phone call to reveal the start location of the challenge they were about to undertake. Their secret location: Wye School.

The teams were given their mission briefing, a video which self destructed after... well you can see it here on facebook.

It revealed to them that they had to hike through enemy territory, infiltrate the Glorious Leader’s Base and cancel the missile launch. The teams set off over the fields, meeting agents on the way, decoding their messages and solving their fiendish puzzles. They crossed the border in the woods, outwitting clueless border guards who were more intent on practicing their national song ("O Glorious Cow of my Homeland") before being ‘helicoptered’ towards their target.

They found a fellow agent injured and in distress who they bravely rescued before the teams arrived on the outskirts of the Missile Base. Here they were given ‘weapons’ to neutralise the guards and the code to stop the launch.

As each team completed their mission, they pitched their tents inside the now deserted base and got some well-deserved and belated (it was three in the morning by the time the last team got in) sleep.

The winners:

7th Faversham Guides

‘The Batpeople’ Faversham Explorers

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